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Road to El Dorado

I caught part of the Disney movie "The Road to El Dorado" on television a few days ago. It was one of my favorites growing up. After a quick IMDB search, I was surprised to find Road to El Dorado on a list of movies containing heavy homosexual subtext. I mean, the subtext is basically TEXT but I didn't think a cartoon would qualify for such a list.

I feel sort of dirty writing slash for a Disney movie, but then again, I also slash characters from a beloved children's book (harry potter) so.... I am not really one to speak on matters such as these.

Fandom: Road to El Dorado (Miguel/Tulio slash)
Title: Lucky Gods
Author: The Philosopher Fool
Rating: R
Summary: Tulio and Miguel wake up together on the morning after their arrival


They woke up together under the pavilion. Both were hung over from the wild wickedness of living like Gods the night before. There was a heat between them that has nothing to do with the tropics or the early morning humidity. A static hung between the curtains of the bed.

Miguel tried to draw Tulio to him. “Lucky gods, aren’t we?” Miguel murmurs into his dark hair. Tulio lets him hold him like that, but only for a minute. He pushed Miguel away, unsure of why but feeling it was the right thing to do.

The night before, they had kissed. The kiss was open-mouthed and fierce, all tongues and teeth. They had kissed in public, in the square where all the people in the city could see. Miguel kissed Tulio and they both knew they could only get away with it here. Back in Spain, they had only been two mortal men. Here they were gods, gods drunk of power and the local wine.

In the morning, Tulio had a headache, a hard on and the memory of Chel’s hips dancing through his mind. He could still taste Miguel in his mouth.

He pushed Miguel away and rolled over.

 Fandom: Road to El Dorado (Tulio/Chel- hints of Miguel/Tulio)
Title: Tribute to the Gods 
Author: The Philosopher Fool 
Rating: PG 13 
Summary: Chel dances for the boys. Tulio likes what he sees

In Spain, Miguel and Tulio had seen belly dancers; they were always beautiful and seductive women who would dance in smoky taverns. Tulio loved the sound of beads and coins as they danced against the girl’s belly. He loved the way his paper money slipped across her body, tucked neatly into her breast or waist. He loved the shades the gold coin cast on her exposed midriff, loved the clack of the cheap bronze coins clacking about her wrists and ankles.

The pattern that Chel traced with her hips loomed in the forefront of his mind for the whole day. He could not concentrate on what the high priest was saying, could not follow what Miguel was saying about the physical beauty and cultural wealth of this civilization. He could not pick up on the meaning of the furrow of Miguel’s brow or the certain sadness that darkened his face every time Tulio’s eyes wandered. Chel’s hips had captivated him.

When Chel danced for them last night, it was not the dance of some middle-eastern princess or a sultan’s enslaved courtesan performing before them. Chel danced as an Aztec goddess, exotic and exiting in new ways Tulio had not thought to explore. This was more than art; it was a tribute to the Gods. Her dance was not the figure eight of the Greeks and Turks, but was wild and free. She was still seductive. As in all cultures, the emphasis and focus drawn to the hips, to the breast….but Tulio could only focus on the place where her hard jaw bone meet the soft of her neck.

He was fixated on the place where the square earring hung from her ear. Fixated on his own reflection found in the solid gold of the jewelry.

I don't reallly know where to post them. I can only find one Road to El Dorado fansite and I'm not so sure any of the Disney fan communities would really appreciate a heaping helping of slash. Any suggestions on where else to post these bad boys?


Nice stories!
You could try disneyslash, even though "The Road to El Dorado" is DreamWorks...:-P. (Don't worry, people have posted "El Dorado" stuff there already, so you're all set.)

Road to El Dorado was dreamworks? Really? I had no idea! learn new things everyday, don't ya....

Thanks for the link, I'll go check that out.

Yeah, that's what makes it so great...:-D.

Nice work! I especially like the second one. I'm also happy that I'm not the only one who prefers using Aztec gods even though almost everything in El Dorado is Mayan.
Okay! So explain this to me! Historically...doesnt Cortes conquer the Aztecs? So why the hell were there so many Mayan references in the film? I actually sat and ponder the word choice for a long while before going with Aztec. thanks for pointing it out.

thanks for the kind words :)
I think they just wanted to mix cool stuff from different cultures. For example, Xibalba is Mayan but the military is structured like in the Aztec culture. I heard someone found some Inca stuff in the movie as well, but I have no idea what exactly.
How about putting them on Fanfiction.net? :3 If you haven't already.

I liked both of the fanfics ^^ And am trying to imagine what the people of El Dorado must have thought at the gods kissing! XD
What cute shorts^^ They really have the feel of the movie, I think, and the interactions between the characters are lovely.


Where to post Tulio & Miguel Slash

There are two great sites I know of. The first is of course fanfiction.net There are quite a few great stories there of those two con artists and I recommend "The Road Back to El Dorado." Another one is called loaded dice. Just look it up on google and put Tulio and Miguel's names after it. Hope that helps :)


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