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Love Laws

Title: Love Laws
Author: The Philosopher Fool
Rating: PG 13

I've been missing since summer. My springtime return.....

There were Love Laws.  Laws that clear spelt out the rules of who could be loved and how. Remus knew these rules existed but did not for the life of him know what how they read. No previous lovers kiss at ever passed on that hidden message, no wandering fingers ever tapped the ancient message into the soul of the spine.  No half-naked angel had appeared to him in a dream to deliver this sacred text from on high. He felt that somehow, the unwashed masses of the world were in conspiracy against him, they had somehow gotten a universal lesson on love and relationships, and he had slept in that day.

                It didn’t matter, he reminded himself. Discretion is key. Their hurried and hushed romance could be forgotten, it could instantly be made to disappear. They were trying their hardest to leave no trace.  There were no stains on the sheets and no kinks in the love line of the palms. If no one spoke about it, Remus wondered, if no one wrote it down, did a thing exist? If it only existed in the memory of two people, the two people keeping the secret, did the action actually ever happen? 


                Everything ached these November days. He desperately studied the palm of his hand looking for some divine answer nestled next to the scars or tucked beneath a knuckle.  Blame it on the season. Chalk it up to inexperience. He finally concluded he had read too many books in his youth, was currently reading far too much poetry and simply could not properly discern fiction from reality.  Remus Lupin had no idea had to proceed with his secret romance.

Remus couldn’t concentrate in class, could hardly eat. He couldn’t focus on anything other than the memory of what had happened the night before, and the night before, and the night before… And all those nights were making him look rather peaked due to the rather inconvenient but regular lack of sleep.

Sirius on the other hand was handling himself far too well for someone in the midst of a secret-and-forbidden love affair.

Remus burst to tell James or Peter, burst to tell everyone. He began to fantasize about the many ways that people might find out that he was snogging Sirius Black. He began to fantasize about how Sirius would tell them all, tell them they were two boys who chose to be together and that was that…

                Instead, Sirius looked up at him and smiled, “Let’s just try to keep this whole thing between us, alright? Discretion is key.”


This is really cool! I hope it is the start of something!
thank you!
Oh, I loved it! The writing is extremely poetic and beautiful. I hope it's the start of something, too.
thank you!!